It all started with a hug
The origin, mission and the people of Beyond a Hug
No one should be alone. Everyone has a right to be who they are and deserves to have the best life possible.

"My first hug was a very emotional one. I had no idea what that one hug meant to someone, or myself until that first hug" says Wendy Simpson, Founder of Beyond a Hug.

Following the Pride Fair in 2019 Free Mum Hugs increased their following and lots of the community began reaching out with their stories and need of support.

Through connection with the community, it was soon realised that there was a big disconnect on where to find what's happening in the queer space and where to go to get support. It was evident that the need to create a place for collaboration with all the pride organisations was really needed and from there, Beyond a Hug was born.

The aim is to bridge the gap. To create a connected unified space, where we can all come together, celebrate together, support one another, regardless of how you identify.

BAH is an up and coming charity whose mission is the provide LGBTQI+ community members with resources, support, funds, and greater awareness by connecting with them through hosting events, workshops and services.

We promote healthy social events. Our ethos is #makenewfriends #staysocial #stayconnected. We also help raise funds for groups and organisations within the LGBTQA+ community to help them to continue to grow.
No one should be alone..
Providing LGBTQI+ community members and businesses with resources, support, funds, and greater awareness by connecting with them through events, workshops and services, all through one platform and without fear of discrimination.
History of Us
Beyond A hug is the brain child of founder Wendy Zoccoli; advocate and an staunch ally to the LGBTQI+ community for many years.

Volunteering with Free Mum Hugs Perth at the 2019 Pride Fair Day, Wendy was overwhelmed by the amount of people who reached out to her afterwards, searching for help and assistance.

Despite her efforts, Wendy was unable to find a WA based directory with the connections the LGBTQI+ community members she was now in touch with, were searching for. So, she began her quest, and Beyond A Hug was born to fill this gap.

Our flagship event, the Beyond A Hug Rainbow Gala premiered in November 2020. Designed to bring our community together to support a common goal, the Rainbow Gala raised more than $4,500, donated to AYLA, to provide accommodation and housing support for LGBTQI+ youth facing homelessness.
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