History of Us
Beyond A hug is the brain child of founder Wendy Zoccoli; advocate and an staunch ally to the LGBTQI+ community for many years.

Volunteering with Free Mum Hugs Perth at the 2019 Pride Fair Day, Wendy was overwhelmed by the amount of people who reached out to her afterwards, searching for help and assistance.

Despite her efforts, Wendy was unable to find a WA based directory with the connections the LGBTQI+ community members she was now in touch with, were searching for. So, she began her quest, and Beyond A Hug was born to fill this gap.

Our flagship event, the Beyond A Hug Rainbow Gala premiered in November 2020. Designed to bring our community together to support a common goal, the Rainbow Gala raised more than $4,500, donated to AYLA, to provide accommodation and housing support for LGBTQI+ youth facing homelessness.
How we support the community
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