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Beyond A Hug
We are here people, Pride 2027. Or at least it feels like we've endured quite the life since our last pride adventure in e 2019. Quite humbling, I think we'd all agree. As I ponder how much this means to us all, I associate it with Christmas, Passover, Chinese New Year, etc. And the contrast for me is, ' but we get Pride' as well as having those other meaningful traditions.

But Pride is special as it stands for something that moves so fast; tradition has no room to take up residence. Pride is that moment where we're all so blessed to be together and feel a profound connection. One could say united even, despite our indifferences and even aligned regardless of our quirks. But we get to stand alongside one another, none the less, breathe just long enough to embrace the magnitude of what this community has managed to achieve in recent years.

Whether we like to admit it or not, honor ourselves or not, you can not deny the love that can come together and truly move mountains when there's a cause greater than the sum total of our collective selves. The lives we've positively impacted both past and the future is changing the trajectory any, and all queer folk would have once had to walk in their future.

We are all living in a unique time where the desire to experience the love of self and others and be able to express that in ways meaningful that can be felt only while in the presence of less judgment and projection of others values systems upon one another. What we're all doing here is unprecedented and likely to go down in history as the most monumental shift in how love gets to be.

Marvel that and ponder that for a minute.
Bla Bla - I got tired of myself here.
Enjoy your Pride 2021.
6-27 November / 2021
14 Novenber / Sunday
12:00 – Perth Pride Fairday
27 November/ Saturday
9:00 – Perth Pride Parade Gloucester Park
10:30 – Blah bla
13:00 – Blah bla
14:00 – Closing ceremony
Meeting point
17 March / 22 Avenue de la Paix, Strasbourg

All participants should come together at 9:00 at the city center. The starting point is a central square near the northern entrance to Parc du Contades.
The Perth Pride Parade
It's almost time to wash the big ol head of hair. Dust off that hood-dryer that's out on the verandah. Get that setting lotion and those rollers ready because your granny's coming to the Parade, again!
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