Welcome to Beyond A Hug 2.0.

2.0 is a series of new initiatives inspired by community feedback and our continued commitment to this cause. Our 2022 first quarter includes the launch of 'Beyond A Hug's' Website (here you are) and Grants.

Grants have been made possible by fundraising efforts, like our Rainbow Gala, and are vital for expanding opportunities among the groups we support.

Grants Q1 Applications:
We're currently accepting applications for Wave One, and encourage you to apply or welcome you to get involved.

Hey, hey, hey!
Your Directory Space:
For individuals and businesses (of all sizes) with something everybody friendly and nice to share. Listing your product or service is free and easy of course.

Your Events Space:
This is your go-to-space for LGBTQI+ aligned events. View or create an Event Space of your own. We'll even promote it for you. No fees and easy.

The Board, Team, and I welcome you to your new Space, and I'm inviting you to join us. We truly do need the support.

Thank you and big Hugs,

Founder / Executive Committee President
Why we're here!
Providing LGBTQI+ community members and businesses with resources, support, funds, and greater awareness by connecting with them through events, workshops and services, all through one platform and without fear of discrimination.
Who's driving the bus?
This is them!
There's no show without our partners, sponsors, and donors. We're constantly humbled by the support, generosity, and philanthropy. Individuals who make private donations, businesses with their contributions, and our vendors who tweak an invoice. All this is in favour of this cause. But we have much work ahead. With 50% of LGBTQI+ suicides linked to identity and acceptance, 48% of young trans kids having reported attempts to end their lives, it's time to create greater connection. We have an opportunity to make this better.
Wendy and the BAH team are on a mission make a space to turn to, to rely on, to feel comfy with, our dreams are big. I'm inviting you, right here, to walk with us and donate something/anything. Let's help them maintain that birthright of a future life. Please donate here.
We rely on donations such as yours
Help us continue to advance LGBTQI+ inclusion and to promote equality of opportunity for everyone. We'd appreciate your support.

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